Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Drifting Scene

- So why do you still shovel that old bitch's driveway?
- It's a long story. I'm not sure I wanna get into it right now.
- Are their more important matters we're supposed to be talking about right now?
- No, it's just a shitty situation. That's all.
- What's up?
- She caught me and the wife smoking a joint right when we moved here, and threatened to call the cops unless I shoveld her driveway on days like this.
- You're kidding, right?
- Fraid not.
- Man, if she would've caught me, I would've told her to go fuck herself.
- Yeah, well I was younger. It was back when I still cared about things.
- Yeah, I guess. Of course, why weren't you just smoking in the house?
- My mother-in-law was watching the baby at the time.
- Oh, well I guess we got to the bottom of that one.
- Yeah, I'd say so.
- Ya know, it's amazing what old women can still accomplish as far as complicating our lives.
- Amen to that.

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