Saturday, January 31, 2009

A good combination comes when I least expect it. Hot pink, burnt orange and teal. I begin to smell my body odor as I gaze at the colors. My concentration shifts.

It shifts again. I start thinking about bodies fitting together. Not like puzzle pieces or anything like that because we arent shaped that way. But legs intertwined comfortably and a shoulder to a chest. I'm on my back (it's my shoulder), and you're on your side (it's your chest). What about bodies of land and water? Bays and peninsulas. More natural, more all the time.

Finally, time is hard to kill when you just dont want it anymore. But I'm fine. More good combinations will come by, my body will give away its odor, bodies are fitting together right now, and time is just as hard to save as it is to kill. I'm fine.

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