Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch out, kids! Thanks to Parental Control, mom and dad finally have a chance to do something about that "poor excuse" for a significant other that you adore! That's right, MTV is giving parents the chance to give the boot to the "losers" their sons and daughters date! But will the suitors these parents pick really be a better fit? And, if they are, will their kids actually admit it?

On each episode of Parental Control, one set of parents sends their pride and joy on two handpicked blind dates. Their hope? That one of the dates will catch their offspring's eye, thus leading them to dump their current companion. The twist? Mom and dad will be watching every minute of each date while sitting side by side with their child's current partner. Yup, they'll all be on the couch like one big, uncomfortable family!

Once the blind dates are over, the son or daughter must make a choice between "mom's pick," "dad's pick" and their current boyfriend/girlfriend. Will all this Parental Control spark a new love interest or cause these kids to run right back into Mr./Ms. Wrong's arms?

What parent hasn't been disappointed with their kid's potentially crappy choice in a "soul mate"? And what kid hasn't rolled their eyes and stormed off when their parents tell them that their true love is not "the one"? Yes, we've all been there and that's exactly why you won't want to miss this dating show with a twist!

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