Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 4, 2008
I kicked my leg up when I kissed him in bed. I was on top. I laughed over what I had done and spit came out. He let me wipe it off. My most comfortable second kiss.

Light shines through windows
Apples fall on empty streets
No one catches them

There are very many things. On Saturday, I painted my nails yellow.

Groups of men look like clouds.

An old woman touched me back in the same way when I put my hands on her shoulders. To answer my own question from days ago...this is what's magical.

Melted peanut butter on my palm looked like a miniature nipple, or the end of Erica's childhood toothbrush.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2008
I killed a fly and wore a nightgown to bed.

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