Monday, July 21, 2008

It was their day off, and he was visiting from the city. He brought a classic rock mix because he knew that on their day off, they liked to get stoned and listen to classic rock. The car was going quickly down the highway, and the familar beat of "Benny and the Jets" played in the car stereo.

"Benny and the Jets. Fuck. Let me tell you about this song. I never told anyone, but at the beginning of the summer anytime I heard something on the radio, I thought it was 'Benny and the Jets', but it never was. It was like, you know, Coldplay or someone from 'American Idol.' But seriously, this would happen for every song I noticed playing on the radio. So, about a week later, I'm sitting with a bunch of people, like Carl, Erin, Austin, you know, just a bunch of people, and a song comes on the radio and I think it's fucking 'Benny and the Jets', but by this time I feel like I'm going crazy and I know it can't be it. So, I start freaking out and ranting about this goddamn song, and how I think every song is it, and everyone's just lookin at me real strange. Like I'm an idiot. And you know what?! The one time I decided to tell people about this... it's actually was fucking 'Benny and the Jets'!"


"Good story, Heather"