Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Laying stoned on seperate couches, God let us forbid that we have to change
our attitudes. into, and only
apart of embaressment. Just plain
old selfishness. It's all we own now, and we hold it
like a touch and go addiction, an unchanging possession.

We watch eachother from any separate stance.
Like the wind.

We've even resorted to running now, and large closed
mouths. Open only for the special kissing reserved for strangers. Only.
And the running: Well nobody's tired as far as I can see,
Not tired enough to tell me, anyway.
I'll wait. For everyone. I'd wait and waste away as
I do. Most days its barely noticeable.
But when I see the eyes falling, and the shoulders sagging,
I remember.
I remember that once I wanted to burn instead of decay,
and now I can only think of living forever,
but "this" does not end with death.
No. It doesn't.

So we continue to stare into each other's faces,
and become overseers. But forget that it takes energy
and passion, more than we know how to maintain.
Life is that hard.
Accept that. Revel in it if you can. Because you can.

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