Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We were taught
Properly trained
To have faith

It was simple
Believing in the absurd
Repeating the words
Feeling hope
Curbing frustration

Until the dusty shades
Were pulled viciously down
Over are chalky faces

I had already begun to stare
At the vastness
Outside the stained glass window

My love?
Well she was a different story

I watched as she held onto this faith
I saw her use it defensively in the ice cream parlor
And in the warehouse
By the harbour

I ignored her as she read
Seamlessly mouthed the words

I didn't want to know
Or be reassured
About death

I simply wanted to lay back
Hands extended on headboards
And wait for knowledge
To casually present itself

Without any stories
Or fables
Life lessons drafted
On lined paper
Or tired reiterations

I just wanted to feel safe
Without having to think about
Everything else

And it hasn't stopped hurting since

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