Friday, April 17, 2009

Our heads were fluttery once
I was reserved
And you were well-mannered

Eventually my infatuation with your lofty soul
Was discontinued along with faulty baby carriages
And new wave soda pop

And bottled to the perfection
That only your brand of sugar-high could understand

I took multiple last gasps
And you planted cocktail umbrellas
On the forgotten dressers
And stagnant coffee tables
Of past lovers and mysterious foreigners

I attempted to compete with mixed results
There were the hipster twins
With their matching neck tattoos
And black lips

The British television actress
Who posed for various oversea publications
Before accidentally killing herself
On white wonders
And bad vibes

And finally your roommate
She was young and naive
And I was bored with our boxed-in conversations
On juxtapositions
And record sleeves

I remembered hearing scratches
And beats
Before the lights dimmed
And I turned my skin inside out
Attempting to save face

You forgave me
In the only fashion you knew how

It was at the next scheduled stoning
You wore red
And I hid upstairs
Until you forced me to come down and see

The way he looked at you that night alone
It tore me in half
Three times


stephaney said...

holy shit, this is fantastic. thanks for posting it.

My Idea of Fun said...

This is beautiful, I really enjoyed it.