Thursday, April 2, 2009

Had someone been forced to forget that they still had themselves?
Did you watch that happen and just not know, or did you know and just watch it happen?
You and I watched something happen with bells and whistles--how could we have missed it?
We didn't. You know we didn't. But we let it go, all "oh it will be okay"s.
Someone persuaded us with a mad affection.
Both rushed and totally insane. We walked so fast with the others to some supposed piece of land.
We were standin stuck to that somebody.
It was not until I was by myself in the attic up the street where it broke.
The stained glass was cracked at the top, I noticed. They left the window unattended up there. All of the other ones were busted out and replaced with standard plastic frames and lightweight glass. Meaningless.
In a corner, I sat between huge cardboard boxes at looked out the crack.
Saw some kind of love I'm not a part of. Watched it fly right on by.
Things growing new today startled me, the magnolia tree.
The half-blooms.

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