Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fleeting Scene

- Yeah dude, you can come. I just want you to know that we need to set certain ground rules first.
- What the fuck are you talking about man?
- Well if you come along, I just want you to know that our plans aren't up for negotiations since I'm driving and everything.
- I'm still not sure what the hell you're talking about?
- Well, I just don't wanna get stuck in certain situations and clusters like we have in the past.
- I'm still at a loss.
- I don't wanna hang out with certain people.
- Like who?
- Well, ya know, people who think they know me socially, spiritually, artistically, when really it's all just mass assumptions that are more or less an offshoot of everybody being fucked up all the time.
- And you think if I come with you that the two of us are going to end up in situations with people like that?
- Every time the two of us hang out, we end up in situations with people like that.
- Really?
- Well the exception of maybe right now.
- You really think too far ahead sometimes.
- It's really the only kind of path I can walk anymore.

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