Friday, March 2, 2012

It's All Happening...

Scrolling through the void of updates, a land of wishful thinking and little doing. Some vague motivation to tell others about intended plans meant to fall through. Earn money selling common sense and syringes. Learn how to play the obsessive in a recession. Return home, broke, with no stories whatsoever. "Hey, at least they went somewhere" "Are you implying that we don't go anywhere or do anything, that we're a part of the bad part that was mentioned earlier?" "What?"

Fate means that coincidentally if you go to the general area where you think she is, then perhaps you'll run into each other and furthermore ignore all that came before and after. Unlikely, isn't it?

If he acts like he's too goddamned good for everything, then why are you still together? If it's personality then where are the solidified memories? Where are the moments of utter insanity? What happens when the chords swell at the wrong moment, after the car wreck, or walk away, before the final credits, but there's no audience, no one watching, keeping tabs, believing in successful outcomes, the drag of sentimentality, the pacing of anxiety, two and a half minutes waiting for somebody else to notice that something is certainly wrong here.

We never meant for things to get so outrageously out of hand. There were only plans set in chalk outlines, other children could come in with different colors and scribble all over everything. Maybe some of them had agendas, offshoots of their parents, cooking dinner, scrubbing stains out of laundry and carpet fibers, placing the photograph on the refrigerator with the best magnet, the one that only falls down occasionally.

Either way, in any case, regardless of a stance or position, a location to stand and wonder, or in many cases, wait and freeze while the sun rises and sets, there are still opportunities to buy now, sell later, say goodbye for now, tell much more much later, reveal the surreal on a run-in, blackout, flash of clarity or an array of mistakes, piled uniformly, line after line of departure and surrender, sequence and descent.

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I like how it reads, a lot.