Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Fairest Negative

This means nothing
And this even less

Success is often transparent

Those in the balcony
Can barely make out the performers

It isn't the distance
Or their corrective lenses

Some might blame the champagne
Bad for you

Support systems
There are faults
Squeaky hinges
Manners of smiling

On the other end,
Nobody sits with somebody
They haven't much to discuss

Topics of consideration

He'll be fine
Just as soon as she knows better

She'll be fine
Just as soon as she remembers

There were things to do
Tasks in plain English

The bulbs need changed
The curtain is dusted for prints

An Example?

Man walks in with son on shoulder
They don't look alike
At all

His wife is a dancer
She likes the new stuff

A programmed audio
Men with manners
Wallets full of chewing gum

Praise Be!

Please Believe Me
It was nothing

Even less than that

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