Monday, July 26, 2010

The Vienna Noise Choir


Rummell said...

ahahaha, fucking love it!

Drunk Country said...

Hi guys - utterly love what I have heard so far. I am a radio show producer syndicated across the US & UK & we playlisted one of your tracks last week. I'd love to play more frmo the album & was wondering , aside from the downloads on the site, who would we approach to request a promo copy? We'd like to push this as hard as we can as we think it has huge potential.

Our credentials are here: & we used to broadcast on Austin, TX's WOXY up until they closed shop in March this year.

We're now on,,, & as of October we will be broadcasting a seperate show live from The Univeristy of Wales (UK) radio. We're a mixture of oldform domestic & freeform internet broadcast.

If you're cool with it could someone contact me via email? That'd be superb.



My Idea of Fun said...

Drunk country, Thank you. Can you please send us an email so that we can further talk about this there?

Our email address is

Hope to talk to you soon.
- Jacob