Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 26

Big crawling black bug sliding over my sheets doing his thing at forur AM when I look over and I rile em up and shake at them I want to listen to the Beatles I am shaking the sheets and I roll a smoke up with my thick fingers and lie on my back crawling against the bed with my knees let the smoke ribbons hang in clefts watch it ice against the mattress and walls when I finally find sleep rustling around I

DREAM OF a DOG THING USED on A kid it’s his HALLOWEEN COSTUME WITH a demon DOG MASK THAT is spewing trunk TEETH and a bone out OF THE SIDE he comes flapping UP TO ME in SHORT JERKING STEPS TAKE IT OFF me HE SAYS I HAVE TO REMOVE the DOG HEAD AND there's a kid underneath and I pull IT off IT TAKES the KID’S FACE SKIN WITH IT too IN a SCREAM AND THERES STRANDS of BLOOD spurting out from HIS veins in his face and HIS TEETH aren’t COVERED by LIPS THEY’RE GNASHING against each other EXPOSED and IM WIDE EYED CRYING into THE DOG FACE it’s the KID FACE SKIN TOO he DROPS HIS BAG OF CANDY and it spills ONTO the WET STREET AND LIGHTNING STRIKES a TREE beside us so I SCOOP him up and run off out of the picture and the CLOUDS SWIRL BACK BLACK

but it’s morning and I watch a butterfly clapping on the window pane with blue wings batting and an antenna telling me to not worry with my mouth open and ribs quivering with heat another smoke will do the trick in this morning before I get up and finally the Beatles so I lay there breathing in out in again and know that to lead a better life I need my love to be here

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