Monday, August 24, 2009


JVL Vortex Countertop Touchscreen Entertainment Console
She is sipping an electric orange drink that has sweated a stain onto the white napkin where it had sat. She looks bored, aggravated by her surroundings, so she takes a few extra gulps, curls a lock of bleached hair around the corner of her finger. Her skin mirrors her drink, her lips are permanently pressed together and lacquered in a vibrant pink shade of lipstick. Her shirt is child sized and it does a good job juggling her enormous fake breasts as she adjusts herself in the barstool. She jams some quarters into the video machine and begins a game of Erotic Photohunt. She is mashing the screen, when two youthful males emerge from the darkness just as a new bass-heavy song begins to play over the loudspeakers. They reek of the mall and the gritty sand that gets stuck in your shoes after a day at the beach. ‘Dance with me, baby’ they both belt to her, booze-heavy voices. She coos, loving the attention, lathering herself in it. ‘I gotta find the differences in this guy’s dick,’ she says and looks away, smirking at the thought of the impending double-team she will face in mere hours. They put their arms up and interlock the fingers behind their heads. They start making thrusting motions, in-and-out, in-and-out, pumping their penises against the stale, bar room air…

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