Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So much it feels like things are apart. Not you or me knows how to fix this. Though when walking on the side of the road, and grass banks pass you, and you notice things in backyards, like silver pinecones or a dad just standing and clapping and looking at his lawn, you feel some things are right, that some things do belong and you are glad you got to see it.

You may love it or you may hate it. But you must not deny that it is there. She said, "You cannot find peace by avoiding life."
When you're at that point where you believe that nothing is good, and you'd rather not feel at all, so you distract yourself with other things, you cannot run. You can run for now, but every single thing you pass on your way will be reminiscent of that pain in some way.
So what do I say, what do you say? Don't run. Stand still and look up, down, around, suck it in, breathe it out. Sit and stare, allow the crushing to come down upon you and take it's blows and knock you on the ground. Lay on the ground, lay in, sink, look up. Wait.

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