Monday, May 11, 2009

Your face in your hands and more apologies than I thought you had in you.
I was stunned, and removed entirely from the situation, where
You were sad and discovered, once again, the hate you have for yourself.
Like when you ate too many flowers and passed out
by yourself
in a field.
Told you the truth, that you do, indeed, sting me quickly and freely.
And that what else do you make me, but more alive?
And even if we both know how scary you can be, you still know that
I will lie beside you just the same, and hold your hand until
you fall asleep, so I can stay awake into the morning. Watching as
you twist your knees into my knees and let out soft sighs of
relax and relief. I am here entirely, with my whole body and my whole
mind, just for you.

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