Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On The Prowl

"you'd do anything for a good time," he said to me. He said this repeatedly through teeth bearing a grin wider than I'd thought possible. I said nothing, and he laughed and repeated himself. "Shut up," I mumbled.
"What?" Janey asks me. I tell her it was nothing... I was just thinking of what I've got to do tomorrow.

I've only known this girl for 6 hours, and I am going to take her to my house to fuck. I am going to tell unspeakable lies in order to get her into my bedroom. I'm going to tell her that she's the most beautiful woman I've ever met. That she's my dream, and that nothing will ever come between us. I'll tell her that she's more beautful than every star in the sky, and that in the morning, I'm going to cook her breakfast, and we'll see a play in the evening that I've got tickets to. All of this will be a lie.

She lights a smoke, and asks me if I believe in God. I tell her to go first. She says she has her doubts. Good, I think. It means her moral implications will be easier to break through. "I think that God is every one of us. Or maybe none of us at all. I don't know" I say out my asshole. She lights a smoke, and giggles a little.
"What's so funny?" I ask. "Just that guy giving the awful stand up at the bar. That was unreal, wasn't it? I laughed so hard."
"I kind of felt bad for the guy" I said.
"What are you talking about? He was so awesomely pathetic." She snickers. "Well, maybe I had a bit too much to drink and just sound like a jerk."
"Maybe you are a jerk." I laugh
"Fuck you"
"Maybe. We'll see how the night goes," I say with a smile. She giggles a little too, and mutters "yeah right."
Yeah. Right. The perfect open ended phrase to neither deny or confirm intentions. It means that she wants to fuck me, but she's too shy to admit it. Soon I imagine her calling my name; scratching my back, screaming "fuck me so hard, jesus christ, fuck me!" in a fit of exstacy. I smile slightly, and light up two cigarettes. I hand her one, and brush my hand just barely off of hers while passing one.

We arrive at the house, and I pour us each a glass of wine without asking if she wants any. She drinks it hastily, and I hope it will clear the smell of snakebite from her lips. We settle in to the couch, and I immediately put my arm around her cooly. "Lets watch a movie" I suggest. She picks out Naked Lunch, which makes sense to me, considering the situation. It tells me she sees the absurdity of an eminant one night stand, and that the rantings in background are all but insignificant. I put my arm back around her after inserting the DVD, and play with her hair a little. She tilts her head back. "That feels great she says."
Would you like a massage?" I ask.
"I'd love that," she says lustily.
I'll be gone before she wakes back up in the morning. I'll feel good about myself until I get home, look into the mirror, and hear a little voice. "You sly dog. You'll do anything for a good time, won't you?" I'll drown it out before I go out again tomorrow night.

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Rod said...

Reminds me a lot of Bret Easton Ellis, which isn't a bad thing in my book. This is good writing.