Sunday, June 29, 2008

break down

A few days ago I learned that nothing was true
So I plunged down the life tube looking in search of…

Something sacred and distinct that I could use
Take with me to before when I was scared unaware of…

The daily grind
The eternal rat race

Forty fifty all hours devoted to me
The bringer of... just

Looked around started
Plunging powder up my nose -

There was the white that took with it my sight
Changed me into a sheep just like us

There was the green that made it seem
Like I was doing it all right and just fitting in

There was the blue that made the truth seep
To the top of my throat burst into just their mouths

There was the drinking that made me stop thinking
About anything that had to do with just being alone

I will rise tomorrow only to feel my mind fall
Into the carved out niche set up years before

The place I need to be
Right now make lots of money

Lying in a shower, blood running out the nose
Knowing the only ailment I ever had is just a conscious


My Idea of Fun said...

woah man. things do change. one person believes this, if you can believe in anything.

My Idea of Fun said...

what good does belief do?