Friday, May 30, 2008

Sequences of Yours

We eat breakfast and smoke cigarettes in the same town. We walk on the same roads
and you watch your shoes as I watch the sky and look at people's faces and clothing. I like them, these people here. I wonder what you think about in a day, if someone could
give me a list I'd be more calm some days. Other days I would run through the woods on
that hill and nothing would escape.
Yeah you know what fuck it. fuck you, man. Thanks for all the bullshit. Thanks for all the lying. You didn't make me believe the world was better but I can't blame you for believing it's worse now. This is my choice.
I still want my dumb heart unchanged in the sense that it shall let in anything.
Remember that you don't get awards for actually being a good person. Remember that your goodness bites you and makes you stupid and blind and that you can continue to bask in that yellow and blue and purple and wonderful light with tears coming down and you will still say thank you.


My Idea of Fun said...

being thankful is better than being bitter. i promise.

Anonymous said...
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