Sunday, May 18, 2008

The First Love Song That I Ever Wrote- Laika The Astro-Hound

It's the lovliest day that I've ever seen,
I remember many points that I've been so mean,
but around you there's no anguish any day,
I truly think we're showing eachother a way
to be simplistic when surrounded by complexities,
In the shackles of society, to be free.
The last time that we argued it felt like I'd been punched,
but that feeling forced me to spend an entire month
on this song

All along, It's really quite possible
that you're what I've waited for.
I'm walking out an old door with a new lion's roar,
my lioness, you keep me full of finesse.

This new friend was recently telling me 'bout his muse,
How she really lit the fire to his fuse,
and I was thinking about how you really might be my soul mate,
'Cause since I found you, you've been all that I could love, like or hate.
I don't think anyone in this world could make me wait,
I really can't wait, until we maybe, hopefully get to date
So everyone can hear the inspiration that you've filled me with,
Even if it doesn't work, at least I know that love's no myth.

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