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Emmett and Mary Timeline Part 3


-          Caleb Tate runs away with his student Ronna Huffman and commits suicide in Cleveland, Ohio
-          Amelia Mulligan starts dating Calvin Clement and messing around with Will Coen (Clips of Dissonance)
-          Ken Lugar officially leaves the Vaughn Hotel after getting at job at Fayette University.

-          The events of Clips of Dissonance
-          Ken Lugar meets twenty-three-year-old nurse Mary Corwin at a Tweedy’s Bar and Grill in Fayette, Connecticut.

-          Andrew Strayer and Annette Karson get married in Steeple Hill, Ohio.  Emmett Karson, Duane and Wendy Strayer, Casey Whipkey, Ramona Strayer and Peter Watts are all in attendance.
-          Lee Fisher moves out of his parents’ house and into an apartment with Aimee Shields.
-          Leila Bennett gets drunk and fools around with Cheri Ripple one particularly late night at Fayette University.

-          Ken Lugar gets married to Mary Corwin in Fayette.
-          Ken’s brother, Cyrus gives him a handgun as a present at the wedding
-          Fanatical Hunting Club (Beginning of second verse)
-          Amelia Mulligan dumps both Calvin Clement and Will Coen to figure her life out.

-          Leila Bennett graduates from Fayette University.
-          Rueben Barnes and Peggy Leidy graduate from Homestead University, New York and continue to live in town.
-          Evie Dobson moves out of 1325 Ash Road and closer to work, while Hannah Hooper moves in with Greg Hood.

-          Linus Mansfield, Josephine March, Tara Mansfield, Mitchell Graft, Staci West, Darcy Klein, Brett Larson, Melissa Cominsky, Carey Benford, Lindsey Pope, Laney King, Duane Coyle, George Feig, Adam Mazes, Ernie Albright all graduate from Easton High School.
-          Brady Connel, Halle Gibson, Ronna Huffman, Will Leidy, Frank Parks, Carrie Johnson, Bill Hewitt and Jean Logue graduate from North Shade High School, Illinois.
-          Sidney Decker and Adam Neville graduate from Edison High School, Connecticut.
-          David Baxter, Patrick Young, Brenda Pratt and Aurora Kyler (Into the Pattern) graduate from Cypress High School, in Orchard New York.
-          Emmett Karson and Veronica Connel graduate from Steeple Hill High School, Ohio.
-          Loraine Galloway (Into the Pattern) graduates from Jefferson High School, NYC.
-          Michelle Whipkey graduates from Jefferson High School, NYC but avoids the pain and anguish of the ceremony.
-          Casey Whipkey is shipped overseas for The International Youth and Leadership Summer Abroad Program where she meets Kerry Perich and Roman Laslo as temporary solutions.
-          Portraits of the Suburban Attention Span Chapters 1-10.

-          Portraits of the Suburban Attention Span Chapters 11-20.
-          Veronica Connel breaks up with Emmett Karson.
-          Linus Mansfield and Josephine March lie to their parents and drive to The Vaughn Hotel in Euclid, Nebraska.  Josephine re-meets her father and more or less hates the kind of person he is.  Linus gets along with him better than he expected.
-          Conversation by Appointment (Spin Go Round)
-          You’re So Beautiful
-          Josephine March starts to lose her head after eating acid for the first time at the Vaughn Hotel.

-          Portraits of the Suburban Attention Span Chapters 21-30
-          Leila Bennett moves to New York City and gets a job for Modern Riot Magazine.
-          Ronna Huffman runs away to New York City
-          Linus Mansfield and Josephine March start college at Fayette University in Connecticut
-          Tara Mansfield begins her college career at Vermont State.
-          Linus Mansfield meets Emmett Karson his freshman year, the two being paired off as roommates.
-          Brady Connel spends a week at the North Shade Rehabilitation Center before officially starting school again at Clearview University.
-          Brett Larson also begins school at Clearview University.
-          Sidney Decker and Adam Neville also start school at Fayette University
-          Amelia Mulligan and Arlo Fry start their junior years at Fayette University
-          Calvin Clement, Jim Fisher and Ross Hurst start their senior year at Fayette.
-          Peter Watts and Ramona Strayer are juniors at Clearview and still together.
-          Paige Hughes is a junior at NYU.
-          Patrick Young leaves Orchard New York and attends NYU.
-          Loraine Galloway attends Homestead University, New York and meets George Markel.
-          Lucy Parrish is a sophomore at Clearview University and no longer lives with Sally Everhart.
-          Melody East and Gerry Morgan get married in the middle of the month
-          Systems and Symptoms Chapter 28 (Alpha)

-          Aimee Shields gets pregnant with Lee Fisher’s baby and gets an abortion.
-          David Baxter joins the army and learns substantial skills.
-          Casey Whipkey meets Vince Macy at the end of the month in the Hoover Technologies Parking lot.

-          Dating Leila Bennett (Alpha)
-          Leila Bennett meets her budding new man on the roof of her apartment building in New York City.
-          Casey Whipkey and Vince Macy start dating in Steeple Hill, Ohio.

-          Todd Garrity is accidentally shot dead in a hunting accident in East Heights, Vermont

-          Loraine Galloway transfers to NYU after one semester at Homestead.


-          Ken and Mary Lugar have their first born son, Isaac.
-          Andrew Strayer and Annette Karson have their first born daughter, Maggie Strayer.
-          Aimee Shields breaks up with Lee Fisher and goes off to school at Clover University, Ohio
-          Mitchell Graft starts community college late in East Heights, Vermont
-          To Absent Strangers

-          The events of Into the Pattern
-          Tessa Garrity breaks up with Warren Boxler and goes on a slightly slutty spree in New York City.

-          Naomi Gordon marries Jude Farren in Steeple Hill, Ohio

-          Almost Gone
-          Calvin Clement, Jim Fisher and Ross Hurst graduate from Fayette University.  Jim soon moves to Tennessee, becoming a radio DJ and recording engineer.
-          Emmett and Casey
-          Kurt Tipton dies of an overdose in East Heights

-          Lane Everhart’s and Nadine Ryan graduate from Connelly High School in Hystone Connecticut.
-          Misty Chapel graduates from Cypress High School in Orchard, New York.
-          Kerry Perich graduates from Edison High School in Brier, Connecticut.

-          Susan Peruso gives birth to Jenny Mansfield in East Heights.  Jenny is Kevin Mansfield’s daughter.
-          Calvin Clement moves to New York after graduation and gets a job at Strike First Vinyl.

-          Lane Everhart, Misty Chapel and Kerry Perich start school at Fayette University
-          Tessa Garrity transfers to Fayette University from NYU.
-          Amelia Mulligan and Arlo Fry start their senior years at Fayette University.
-          Nadine Ryan starts school at NYU
-          Naomi Gordon and Jude Farren move from Steeple Hill, Ohio to Clearview, Illinois.  Jude gets a job as a history teacher there.
-          Peter Watts and Ramona Strayer are seniors at Clearview University and still together.
-          Paige Hughes is a senior at NYU.
-          Audrey Tate and Lewis Grayson get married in North Shade, Illinois.
-          Lucy Parrish is a junior at Clearview University.
-          Linus Mansfield, Emmett Karson and Josephine March all return as sophomores at Fayette University.

-          Emmett Karson starts dating Misty Chapel at Fayette University.
-          Ethan Decker, Candace Harper and Megan Avery start as freshman at Edison High School, Brier Connecticut

-          Linus and Emmett form their band Technological Epidemic at Fayette University.
-          Parts of: Trilogy: Feature


-          Isaac Lugar turns one, and is celebrated by his father, Ken.

-          Naomi Gordon and Jude Farren have their first born son, Zack Farren
-          Peggy Leidy breaks up with Rueben Barnes in Homestead, New York.  Rueben moves home with his mother, and brother Louis.

-          Ramona Strayer returns home for spring break and meets Rueben Barnes briefly one night at a bar.
-          The Events of Somewhere Else at Fayette University.
-          Sidney Decker meets Lane Everhart at Fayette.
-          Amelia Mulligan starts dating Luke Horten.
-          Brady Connel starts dating Sally Everhart at Clearview University.

-          Peter Watts and Ramona Strayer graduate from Clearview University and get an apartment together in the town for the summer.
-          Paige Hughes graduates from NYU and stays in the city.
-          Rueben Barnes ends up in Florence, Nevada, setting up shop and working at All Things Colorful.
-          Amelia Mulligan and Arlo Fry both have to stay for an extra year of school at Fayette.
-          Jonas Partsch and Annie Ripple get married in New York City.

-          Lorene Connel, Doyle Booth, and Gina Hamilton graduate from North Shade High School, Illinois.
-          Roman Laslo graduates from Cypress High School, Orchard New York.
-          Cassidy Brooks and Kyra Pfiel graduate from Jefferson High School, NYC.
-          Judd Kruger and Owen Flynn graduate from Fayette High School, Connecticut.

-          Ken Lugar writes Answers: The Truth Behind the Church of Surveillance and self-publishes it.  The book subsequently spreads to the higher ups in the months that follow, Ken pulling multiple strings from his past.

-          Judd Kruger and Owen Flynn start at Fayette University
-          Amelia Mulligan, Tessa Garrity and Arlo Fry all start their second senior year at Fayette University.
-          Lucy Parrish is a senior at Clearview University.

-          Of Cheap Lays and Concessions
-          Letter to Ken
-          Josephine March takes World Religion with Ken Lugar, the two start their affair.
-          Emmett Karson and Misty Chapel start using heroin together.
-          Fanatical Hunting Club
-          Trilogy: Sequel
-          Peter Watts gets a job in Florence, Nevada.  Ramona Strayer stays in Clearview as he gets settled in another state.
-          Kerry Perich meets Arlo Fry at Fayette University.
-          Hannah Hooper moves out of 1325 Ash Road; Greg Hood soon following suit.
-          Brady Connel turns 21 at the end of the month.

-          The Scheduled Details (Replacement Parts) (AKA Josephine You Split)
-          Josephine March feeds Ken Lugar acid, thus making him see the light
-          The Events of Any and All Odd Ends
-          The Events of Brady Connel’s Big Night Out
-          Ken Lugar’s brother, Cyrus, is shot by Arlo Fry at his local pawnshop
-          Ken begins rounding up people for the Church of Surveillance including Arlo Fry, Kerry Perich, Clay, his nephew Joe Lugar, Wade Langham, Robert Ditko and some others.
-          Sally Everhart breaks up with Brady Connel.
-          Margery Reese dies of alcohol poisoning at Fayette University’s homecoming.
-          Trilogy:  Sequel
-          Melanie Faber and Adam Neville begin their relationship in Brier, Connecticut.

-          Jeff Rygel stays with Amelia Mulligan in Fayette, Connecticut for a week or so before fleeing the scene.  She miscarries soon after.
-          Clarence Harrington is re-elected to a second term as president of the United States, Jeffery Whipkey staying as his vice president.
-          Linus Mansfield follows Josephine March catching her and Ken Lugar making-out at the movies.
-          Misty Chapel breaks up with Emmett Karson.
-          Emmett almost dies of an overdose; Linus takes him to the hospital where Mary Lugar is his nurse.
-          The Book of Idols
-          Some Thing about Mary Lugar (Secondary Homes)
-          Aimee Shields starts dating Drew Kruger while at Clover University in Ohio.
-          Casey Whipkey gets her hands on her father’s copy of Answers reads it, and is suddenly in a better place.
-          Aleck Griffith gets arrested driving back from California with several illegal drugs, before disappearing completely a week later from East Heights.

-          Mary Lugar finds out she is pregnant at the beginning of the month, thus keeping her from leaving Ken.
-          Ken Lugar temporarily pushes Josephine away after hearing the baby news, before she attempts suicide, dramatically threatening to jump from the top balcony of the Fayette administration building.  Linus subsequently talks her down, although is at odds about it, later writing the Technological Epidemic song, In Processing about said events.
-          Josephine March officially dumps Linus Mansfield and spends the holiday break, sorting things out.
-          Ramona Strayer moves to Florence Nevada with Peter Watts.
-          Misty Chapel drops out of Fayette University and moves to LA where she becomes a softcore porn star.
-          Linus Mansfield sleeps with and sees Joan Foster for the last time at the Mansfield Annual Christmas Party.
-          Sidney Decker commits suicide on New Year’s Eve.
-          Ethan Decker attends a New Year’s Eve Party at Megan Avery’s house with his kind of sort of girlfriend, Candace Harper.


-          Sidney Sees the Sun
-          Don’t Tread on Lee
-          Danny Hillman, Jack Vargas, Joanna Fuller and Caitlin Bender die in a car wreck in East Heights on their way home from Morris’ Bar and Grill.
-          Casey Whipkey joins the Church of Surveillance with high expectations.
-          Lee Fisher joins the Church of Surveillance out of boredom from working at Potter’s Pizza and living in East Heights for so long.
-          Answers: The Truth behind the Church of Surveillance is picked up by a major publisher just as Ken Lugar starts receiving a small amount of letters and so forth.
-          Josephine March drops out of Fayette University and joins up with the Church of Surveillance towards the end of the month.
-          Letter to Mary
-          Letter to Emmett

-          Linus completely lost, joins up with the Church of Surveillance with Emmett, the two only doing so for the women they love.
-          Fanatical Hunting Club (Verse 2)
-          Trilogy: Preview, Feature, Sequel
-          Eve Cardellino dies of cancer in East Heights.  Jonas Partsch’s return home for her funeral and is soon prompted to start writing his novel, False Furniture.
-          Off the Weather Charts
-          Answers: The Truth behind the Church of Surveillance is released to the masses through various retailers.
-          Lane Everhart starts seeing psychiatrist Dr. Webb.

-          The Frequency of the Common Coma
-           Melanie Faber and Adam Neville break up at the beginning of the month, although still flirt with the possibility of one another.
-          The Oddest of Ends
-          Blink Twice
-          Linus Mansfield has problems dealing seeing Josephine March every day while in the Church of Surveillance.
-          Lalena Decker, Adam Mazes and George Feig join up with the Church of Surveillance.

-          Hazy Programming
-          Ken Lugar temporarily leaves The Church of Surveillance for a series of interviews with the suspicious media.
-          The media coverage for the Church of Surveillance starts to get to Linus Mansfield as he remembers the past including the summer after his junior year of high school with Josephine.
-          Leila Bennett leaves Modern Riot Magazine and gets a job at the New York Public Library.
-          Vice President, Jeffery Whipkey, visits his daughter, Casey, at The Church of Surveillance at the end of the month.

-          Communion of Gen 25 becomes regular practice at The Church of Surveillance.
-          Amelia Mulligan and Tessa Garrity graduate from Fayette University.
-          Vince Macy sneaks in and visits Casey Whipkey at The Church of Surveillance with mixed results.
-          Chase McHugh and Dawn Robson join up with The Church of Surveillance.
-          Patsy Decker leaves her husband Clark Decker Jr. and son Ethan in Brier, Connecticut.
-          Square Tenses
-          Clay attempts to molest Josephine, and fails miserably, soon losing and gaining strange amounts of respect from Ken Lugar.  Linus Mansfield never finds out.
-          Clay’s Lament

-          Vince Macy graduates from Steeple Hill High School and plans on attending Art School in Upper State New York.
-          Benji Tate and Quinn Pitman graduate from North Shade High School, Illinois.
-          Melanie Faber graduates from Edison High School
-          The Church of Surveillance keeps on growing in numbers, getting much more press and TV coverage.
-          Dave Baxter and Ronna Huffman join up with The Church of Surveillance.
-          Ken Lugar begins sending out qualified missionaries to other ends of The United States, hoping to recruit more followers.
-          Routine Camping Trip (Ethan Decker goes camping with his father)
-          A Sound Remedy for Boredom
-          Linus, Emmett and several others all begin regular doses of Gen 25, if only to forget about the immediacy of their own lives.

-          Wine, Halos and Youth.
-          Static Drag
-          Mary Lugar has her second child, David Lugar on Independence Day.
-          Judd Kruger and Owen Flynn join the Church of Surveillance.
-          Personal Static
-          Emmett, while high on Gen 25, confides in Josephine one particularly scattered night, before putting the moves on her and failing miserably.  Linus Mansfield again never finds out.
-          Tessa Garrity moves back to New York City and gets a job at Strike First Vinyl.  Soon after, she gets back together with boyfriend Warren Boxler.
-          Lloyd Difalco becomes Jonas Partsch’s agent and general stooge in New York City.
-          A Clay in the Life
-          Amelia Mulligan joins the Church of Surveillance
-          Casey Whipkey returns home to Washington for a much needed break from The Church of Surveillance, later agreeing to be interviewed by Patton O’Brien over such matters.
-          Michelle Whipkey and Fletcher Tipton get engaged with plans to marry after college graduation.

-          Casey Whipkey returns to The Church of Surveillance with very little encouragement from leader Ken Lugar.
-          Solar Pep Press publishes Jonas Partsch first novel,  False Furniture.
-          Blaine Harrington, the president’s son, joins up with The Church of Surveillance in secret.
-          Katie Glass moves to New York City and gets a job at the public library with Leila Bennett, the two quickly becoming reliable coworkers.

-          Dating Leila Bennett (Omega)
-          Adam Neville joins up with the Church of Surveillance.
-          Amelia Mulligan has a freak-out at The Church of Surveillance.
-          Emmett Karson and Mary Lugar begin their affair while in the Church of Surveillance.
-          The Ballad of Emmett and Mary (This Love So Tragic)

-          The Church of Surveillance ships guns in, supposedly for hunting (Fanatical Hunting Club Begins November 10th, 2009 Back Cover Excerpt One Sided Christian Questions)
-          Aimee Shields and Drew Kruger get engaged in Ohio.  Lee Fisher reluctantly finds out upon a quick return to East Heights for Thanksgiving.
-          Laney King and Ernie Albright stranded in some kind of East Heights spin begin dating one another.

-          Paige Hughes meets Patrick Young on Brenda Pratt’s rooftop in NYC, beginning their sorted relationship.
-          Linus Mansfield, Ken Lugar, Casey Whipkey, Lee Fisher and Josephine March drive from Fayette, Connecticut to Euclid, Nebraska for the holiday season while Emmett and Mary stay behind and watch over the remaining followers.
-          Joan Foster allegedly kills herself at Clover University.
-          The Death of a Former Easton High School Student
-          Linus Mansfield, Lee Fisher and Casey Whipkey discuss uprising, starting the spark for The Civilized Union Liberal Track.
-          Linus Mansfield writes the Promotionally Yours E.P. for Technological Epidemic in seclusion at the Vaughn Hotel.


-          The Civilized Union Liberal Track returns to Fayette, Connecticut and recruits Emmett Karson and Mary Lugar to their ranks.
-          Peter Watts finally proposes to Ramona Strayer in Florence, Nevada.
-          Unleveled in This New Era
-          Josephine March and Casey Whipkey temporarily escape The Church of Surveillance and become closer in Buffalo, New York.
-          The Promotionally Yours E.P. is recorded in occupancies and lower end portions of The Church of Surveillance, by ghosts and mismanaged participants.
-          Hollywood plans to make a made-for-television movie about the life and times of Casey Whipkey.

-          The Off Season
-          Michelle Whipkey and Fletcher Tipton get married in NYC, Emmett Karson and Casey Whipkey leave The Church of Surveillance to attend the wedding.  The Beauty Editors play said wedding, Casey meeting producer/lead singer Daniel Madigan for the first time.

-          Daniel Madigan of The Beauty Editors visits and then publicly joins The Church of Surveillance, reasonably losing himself for a time.
-          Alice Frear and Max Faber join up with The Church of Surveillance
-          Technological Epidemic starts recording Hollow Cost with Daniel Madigan in Texas’ Jasper Studios.  Casey Whipkey and Lee Fisher tag along.
-          Jeannie March slips on a patch of ice and dies in East Heights, Vermont.  Josephine March and Linus Mansfield return to East Heights, Vermont for her funeral.
-          In order to get their message across; Casey Whipkey and Daniel Madigan start their relationship, killing time in the big apple.
-          Technological Epidemic releases the Promotionally Yours E.P. on My Idea of Fun at the end of the month.

-          Gina Williams dies of Aids in East Heights, Vermont.
-          Daniel Madigan decides not to release Hollow Cost through his record label, and deletes all evidence of its tracks although The Madigan Tapes later resurface after Emmett and Linus steal the tapes.
-          Meanwhile Casey Whipkey is angering both sides, becoming an addled socialite.
-          Former Don’t Fret actor Jeff Rygel joins up with The Church of Surveillance.  Public interest in celebrity members takes route in the media like any good scandal.
-          Jonas Partsch and Annie Ripple get divorced after several years of marriage.

-          The Church of Surveillance marches to Washington just as Casey Whipkey returns home to rest.  Several celebrities play the show, Ken Lugar denying Technological Epidemic the chance to be heard.
-          Maureen Corle commits suicide in New York City.
-          Sixteen-year-old Wayne Coultersmith shoots his whole family in Anstern, Oregon and blames in on The Church of Surveillance, specifically on what he read in Answers.
-          Annie Ripple dies of a supposed overdose in New York City, although some will say it was a broken heart.

-          The United States starts doubling its efforts for army recruitment, as is The Church of Surveillance.
-          Orange robes, mandatory haircuts and performance reviews become standard procedure for all active members of The Church of Surveillance.
-          Technological Epidemic travels to Chester, Tennessee and re-record Hollow Cost with Clark Decker Sr. and Jim Fisher along with others.  Lalena Decker and Lee Fisher tag along considering their linked relatives.
-          Casey Whipkey officially breaks up with Daniel Madigan at the end of the month.

-          The Civilized Union Liberal Front states their own list of rules and yet it is all seen as an elaborate joke for the media, unable to take a rebel group within a rebel group like The Church of Surveillance seriously.
-          The Church of Surveillance secretly alters five national monuments including Mount Rushmore and The Lincoln Memorial.
-          Patrick Showalter joins up with The Church of Surveillance, a recovering heroin addict.
-          Grow Up in The Dark

-          Casey Whipkey delivers a speech to Clearview University’s Summer Scholars.
-          Nick Tipton and Miles Cekada joins up with the Church of Surveillance.
-          Technological Epidemic releases Hollow Cost to critical and commercial failure on Tuesday August 10th, 2010.
-          Predictably Sour Avoid the Hollow Cost: Jonas Partsch gives Hollow Cost a terrible review

-          War breaks out everywhere between multiple countries including America, England, France, Germany, China, Japan, Russia and The Middle East amongst others, all fighting for false occupations.
-          Casey Whipkey returns home to Washington and is a recluse for the whole month.
-          The draft is reinstated at the end of the month, several members of The Church of Surveillance getting shipped off over seas.
-          Emmett and Linus bootleg The Madigan Tapes.

-          Casey Whipkey is shipped off to Northern California for a Church of Surveillance sponsored wilderness retreat.  Kerry Perich, Arlo Fry and Lee Fisher are all in his buddy system, Clay being the group leader.
-          A false peace is declared at the end of the month after Ken Lugar travels overseas and makes some bargains of his own with the other countries involved.

-          Blaine Harrington visits The Church of Surveillance for the last time, having a specifically pertinent meeting with Ken Lugar.
-          Linus Mansfield says goodbye to Josephine March in the woods one particular warm night in November.
-          Emmett Karson, Mary Lugar, Linus Mansfield and Lee Fisher flee the Church of Surveillance to East Heights on Saturday November 27th, 2010, soon setting up shop in Mary’s inherited cabin on the outskirts of Vermont.
-          The Book of Idols (Outro)
-          Fanatical Hunting Club
-          Ronna Huffman returns to New York City along with Dave Baxter, Chase McHugh and Dawn Robson.  Ronna gets a job at Strike First Vinyl along with Tessa Garrity.
-          A Disciples’ Graduate Outclause

-          The Assassination of President Clarence Harrington by the Coward Ronna Huffman
-          Thursday December 16th Ronna Huffman kills President Clarence Harrington in New York City before she kills herself.  Chase McHugh, David Baxter, and Dawn Robson are all involved and also kill themselves.
-          Friday December 17th Casey Whipkey kills herself at the Church of Surveillance, four days after her twentieth birthday.
-          Saturday December 18th Josephine March mails Casey’s diary and plans for the complex to newly appointed president, Jeffery Whipkey.
-          Patrick Young cheats on Paige Hughes with Aurora Kyler right around the same time the shit hits the fan.
-          Jonas Partsch publishes his second novel, Linear Subtleties.
-          Anna Vaughn wins Cool 101.5 and the East Height’s Time’s Hawaii giveaway on December 23rd.
-          The Hollywood blockbuster Oh Grande! is released in theaters on Christmas day, it’s advertisements carrying subtle hints to The Church of the Surveillance.


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