Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hey, everyone!  In case you didn't hear, it's time for yet another Travelin' Javelin' Band.  That's where everybody throws their name into a name receptacle and starts a random band.  The song is written, performed for the other bands, and recorded all in the same night, and there have been some really great songs come out of it. 
The next one is on June 9th, a Saturday, at the Barn.  The plan is to have most bands outside - each around its own campfire - and then we move from camp to camp to hear what each other came up with!  But there'll be an electric band in the Barn as well so everyone can do whatever they need to, power-wise.  If you have Facebook, you can RSVP here:
If not, let someone going know you're coming.  I'm going. 
Bring your instruments and whatever else, and this'll be great.  You know it will.  So come.

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