Sunday, December 18, 2011

How the Cordless Phone Gained Independence through Hard Work & Determination

The onion tells a sad, sad story--

A man walks into a bar,
orders a cup overflowing

with his own medicine.
Whose job is it to sever

the rabbit's foot? he asks.
The butcher, as innocent

as a sweater. Scissors
remind him of his ex-girlfriend.

In the corner booth
the Freudian analyzes

his patient's inner thighs,
frustrated as the tack--

People are introduced
to themselves in dimmer light

thinks the man, approaching
a woman as she exits the bathroom,

a slight cup of water,
(the name of the paler sister)

her dimpled thighs carefully spackled.

When she prays, the windows
get foggy. Wait, wait--

I know this one!
They looked at each other

& laughed--they'd both
cut off the tip of their tongue.

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