Saturday, August 27, 2011

104.9FM and 99.1FM from 8pm-10pm - 08/28/11

Hey friends in Johnstown and the Laurel Highlands, Higher Fives will be the guests on Sunday's Homegrown Rocker on 104.9FM and 99.1FM from 8pm to 10pm. There's an extensive interview with the band about their album, Cystems, and also the entire aesthetic of My Idea of Fun in general. Many songs from Cystems will be played on the program, along with songs by other MIoF artists. Currently, there isn't a way to stream the broadcast online, so tune in analog style.


My Idea of Fun said...

Listening party?!?

My Idea of Fun said...

the idea of that makes me (mcd) so happy

My Idea of Fun said...

Meet in the Shrine around 7:30, and we can listen to it together!