Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dreaming Singularities

Always after dawn
A sympathy card with one long and rambling paragraph
Front to back
A fifty-dollar bill that look less than authentic
And scribbled signatures from the past
That year where I was the only one who knew myself

Cut to:
You and I
In the old house
Mine not yours
Parents exit together, which is a stretch
I want to touch you
But know I shouldn't
Especially considering the last time

No words spoken
A fast look across the stairwell
And then my exit

Returning to my childhood bedroom
I find it in shambles
The three-piece punk band of unrecognizables
Sleeping like rats in a new arrangement
On the floor and my bed

I get to the bottom of things rather quickly
Anger fluttering through the receiver
As I stand aloof in the small driveway

The next flash is a couple of misfits
Walking away from an explosion
Like in the movies

This one troubles me more than all the others
It speaks volumes of the way things are now
As if to say
They're not so aware that people are watching them
Chewing their kernels
And pacing themselves with soda pop

I come to and hate the view

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