Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why do we feel the need for anything? Something happened to make you hold on.
And now, well, you believe somewhere in there that you want to let go, but are really not sure
you ACTUALLY want to, so you still hold. And holding.
I forgot about the love of life, and please, my my, accept that there is nothing to depend on.
Not eternally. Find warmth. It will go.
All of a sudden, recognize that warmth is all around and inside. It may stay.
I don't know. It may go.

But when it goes, if it does decide to go, fall deep into sad. Recognize other things there.
Fear. fear. far fear. fear. faer. fear. faear f.

there is no boldness to be found in fear. for me, a slow gradual.

please stop hiding. please find your fear and hold it up and hold it tight until you
one day.
you let it go.

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