Friday, February 19, 2010


1. 1/7/07: I was just looking at Jared's photos from New Year's, and I think I see Chad in a photo. Where were you guys at midnight?? HE WAS THERE.

2. 12/26/07: HEY. OK, so I planned on coming back the 4th. This gives me the 5th to come down and maybe stay over a night in Pittsburgh and then drive back on Sunday so I can work on Monday?


3. 3/14/08: The morning from hell can't even be explained why I couldn't e-mail this until 2 p.m.
Let me know if you need anything else. I have the hard copies of all those clips. I'd be more than happy to scan them.

4. 9/2/08: Ugh, I  left my cakes at your house. Please save the Italian-looking one for me. You can have the carrot cake.

5. 4/4/09: So I don't know if you left and came back, didn't leave it all or just simply aren't coming back, but let me know what's up.

6. 12/19/09: Bolt bus -- all until noon are canceled. There's one at 12:15 for 13 bucks. Chinatown bus has fares every hour for 12 bucks. Greyhound says buses are canceled or delayed tomorrow.

7. 1/23/10: Right now I hate him. You're probably the only other person who can understand without me explaining.