Wednesday, January 27, 2010

train write 1 & 2

April 7, 2009
yesterday was for meeting people
father and son
head to toe for ski trip
Kevin sat behind me
he was riding on and missing
a big game to ride
through the night to meet
his girl in Little Rock
I spent the most
with Maia in the observation room
she'd been everywhere
but fell asleep on my shoulder
while I looked for anywhere
that I might know
I stepped out to smoke in Omaha
I slept through the rest of Nebraska
woke to 5:40 Colorado
this is the best I've felt
it's beautiful
Richard's a great
big black dude
who keeps ordering
$6 cheeseburgers
that 'taste like fucking rubber'
I'm so glad he's on until Sacramento
Timmy's going to meet us
in Little Rock at 11 tonight
he's got a cheap bottle for me
and a stood-up
to-be pissed date
I'm going to talk to Richard
about getting hammered out
in the observation room with me

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