Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ran out of stamps.

Dear Neil D.,

I've already written your letter and I'm pressed for time so I won't transcribe it now. But a response was written just not sent. Don't feel slighted. It's like a night in white satin.

- Wunderbar.

Dear Buck,

It was great seeing you last night and sitting on the couch on your old porch with you. I wish you really were able to hear me when I say my life isn't as good as it used to be since you moved away. I love you.

- The thigh against yours.

Dear Chicago,

I saw New York State in the cave of inertia. It's fucking brilliant. That picture of the pensive Barbadan is my favorite. Though the haughty king looks awfully tired. We should return to that castle soon. First week of being dead would be best for me.

- Naked eye.

Dear Cowgirl,

Sorry my door was closed. I wish I'd left it open. I wish there were more sunrises while the Buddhist Jew crooned and the bagged wine drained and the sexjuices dried to a falling dust, but at least we had that one.

- Mr. Clean (I promise).

Dear Snotrag,

You are so loyal. You are my piece of driftwood in the maelstrom of influenza. Bury me in your loving, stiffening folds.

- Foghorn.

Dear Miss Craft,

I lied. I haven't finished it.

- Stephen D.

Dear God,

I have felt you once again in my life. I'm sorry I forgot about you.

- Me.